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Portugal Immigration

Transform your dreams of Portugal immigration from Dubai into reality

Portugal is best Destination to live , study, work , visit  and investment .

There are different kind of visas on requirement of every individual , there are short term visa and long term visa , Short term work visa is applicable who want to live and work in Poland for less than 6 month and Long term visa for candidates want to work more than 6 month . To stay in Portugal for more than 6 month

Employer should arrange job offer along with certain documents

Whoever obtains a residence visa for Portugal has the following rights:

Being part of the Schengen Area, Portugal allows foreigners to travel within 26 countries with this kind of visa without any restrictions.

– Reside in a safe and peaceful country at a social and political level, with an internationally distinguished education system and a very qualified and accessible national health system;

– Benefit from the free movement of people and goods within the European Union, being able to establish their residence in any of these countries;

– Regroup the family, allowing family members to have the right to live with the holder of the residence permit in Portugal.

– Obtain Portuguese nationality at the end of five years of residence.

What is the EU blue card?

The authorities in Portugal implemented the Blue Card Scheme which acts as a work visa and residency permit in this country and which is available for highly qualified professionals. The validity of EU blue cards might prolong for 4 years, depending on the job contract of foreigners, mentioning that they can work in all Schengen Area countries except for UK, Ireland, and Denmark. In matters of documents for an EU blue card, evidence of proper accommodation, the permission for checking the criminal record, health insurance and the registration to the National Health Service in Portugal plus the valid passport are needed and requested by the Portuguese immigration authorities. The renewal of the EU blue card will also depend on the criminal record of the holder, if there was no criminal activity registered during the previous period.