Migrate to Carribean Island

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship These  two Caribbean Island is a favoured tourist destination with hundred of beaches with major English speaking population and favourable Climatic Condition situated in Eastern Caribbean Leeward Island.

There are 3 options for fast track Citizenship with less than 5 months of time span.

  1. By Investment
  2. By Donation
  3. By Real Estate

Process :

The first and the important diligence is the source of funds which should be legal  and Secondly applicant should not hold any criminal Records . There is no requirement for English language test and no Educational Requirement .Visa Free Travel to 150 Countries . Citizenship is not Revocable , Once a citizen always a Citizen .  You can maintain Dual Citizenship.  You only need to stay 5day in 5 year.

Application Step –


  • 1st month sign agreement
  • 2nd and 3rd month  Government review agreement
  • 4th month Government acceptance with necessary contribution and Passport is Issued.


Malta officially known as the Republic of Malta. Its location in the centre of the Mediterranean. The official and national language is Maltese,  while English serves as the second official language.

The Dominican Republic is the most visited destination in the Caribbean. Dominica is an island of remarkably unspoiled beauty, where lush, green forests roll across hills that stretch from shore to shore. English is Official Language in Dominica after Spanish.

There are two Option to become Citizenship by Investment In Domnica First By Donation and  Second option is by Real Estate.

Dominica has been offering a Citizenship-by-Investment Progamme since 1993 . In exchange for a contribution to the government.

Families can  enjoy all the benefits of being Dominican, Also Important is there is no Restriction on Dual Nationality.

To qualify for citizenship, the main applicant must be:

over 18 years of age, meet the due diligence requirements and select one of the following two options For Investment is 100,000$Donation or Buy Real Estate minimum of 200000$ with the money earned in legal way as need to show the detail of Funds earned in government approved projects.

With this there are other government fees which is to paid . Depending on family size.

  • Grenada
  • kitts and Nevis
  • Lucia

And earn a better living.

This migration was driven pre-dominantly at a time where the Maltese economy was steadily booming yet the cost and quality of living on the island remained relatively stable.

The Employer, as part of the application process, would also need to provide evidence that they tried to fill the position from within the EU before making an offer of employment to a non-EU national.

EU Blue Card:

You may be eligible to apply for an EU Blue Card depending on the type of work you do. The EU Blue Card gives you work rights across most EU member nations.

The eligibility for an EU Blue Card is as below:

  • You must be a citizen of a country outside of the EU
  • You should be highly skilled which means that you should have at least a bachelor’s level education or five years of work experience at a senior level
  • You should have a work contract or a binding job offer in EU


Vanuatu Programme is Citizenship by Investment Programme .Its A Commonwealth state independent since 1980. Vanuata has close relation with Australia and Newzealand. Vanuata is growing as tourist destination with yacht club, Airport clubs and hotels.

Country Major Income source because of abdundance fresh water and fish and forest is Agriculture, tourism, cattle industry and financial services offshore. Its majorly an Agricultural sector.

Number of  Citizenship by Investment programme  has been started with government from 2012. The resent investment option is called DSP- Development Support Programme.

DSP programme depend Financial Investment in country for Single applicant its 130,000$ adn for family of four its 180,000$ this fees exclude goverment fees.

Person apting for VANUATU passport should have clean chit in health and criminal record along with 2,50,000 US$ networth .

  • Vanuatu has no restrictions on dual citizenship.
  • Visa-free travel to 131 countries.
  • No minimum Stay requirements
  • Full citizenship with passport granted to main applicant, spouse and children.
  • Process TIME APPROX 3 months .

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